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You Told Us What You Want To Know About Disability Insurance This guide brings together the answers to typical questions that Canadians ask about disability insurance. It will help you: •  •  •  •  •  decide how much disability coverage you need; find out how much coverage you already have; learn what the options are for disability insurance; understand what happens when you apply and when there's a claim; and identify questions to ask your group benefits administrator or insurance agent. A guide to disability insurance is produced by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association. We do not promote any one insurance company or any particular type of disability insurance product. We leave those choices up to you, the consumer. We hope this guide will help you make the most of your disability insurance coverage. CAUTION: This guide presents a wide range of general information on disability insurance as simply and accurately as possible, but it is not a legal reference. New legislation and regulations as well as technological and competitive developments may change some of the rules, conditions and industry practices described. If you have specific questions, check your policy details and contact your group benefits administrator, insurance company or insurance agent.

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