Canadian Life and Health Insurance Facts -- 2017

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12 Health insurance Government programs cover basic physician and hospital expenses for all Canadians and provide financial assistance to Canadians who are unable to work because of disability or illness. The majority of Canadians are also protected through extended health care (Ext. health), disability and other insurance provided by insurers. Ext. health Disability Other 25M Canadians covered $27.5B in premiums 12M Canadians covered $9.1B in premiums 20M Canadians covered $4.3B in premiums Reimburses a variety of expenses, such as prescription drugs, dental, hospital and medical expenses, not covered by provincial government plans. Helps replace lost income due to disability (often integrated with Canada/Quebec Pension Plans, Workers' Compensation and Employment Insurance), usually paying around two-thirds of earnings. Includes coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, long-term care and critical illness. Protection by coverage type 2016 health premiums $40.9B Individual 10% Group 90% How health insurance is purchased Most health insurance is purchased through group plans provided by employers, unions or professional associations. Canadians may also supplement government and group protection with individual plans. of working Canadians and their families are protected by private health insurance plans, up from 67% a decade ago 80%

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