Canadian Life and Health Insurance Facts -- 2019

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$ 1 6 Health insurance In 2018, specialty drugs, such as drugs for rare diseases, accounted for 2 per cent of the total number of prescription drug claims, but made up 33 per cent of the costs - this cost is anticipated to reach 40 per cent by 2023.** Extended health breakdown Specialty drugs $ 11.7B Drugs $ 8.5B Dental $ 3.9B Paramedical* & vision $ 1.9B Hospital $ 0.9B Travel 24 % 2013 33 % 2018 40 % 2023 In 2018, insurers covered $26.9 billion in extended health care costs, including the costs of prescription drugs, dental procedures and added hospital costs. Canada's life and health insurers also covered costs of disability claims and other insurable services. These benefits cover expenses beyond those covered by public health plans. Extended health 26M Canadians covered $ 26.9B in benefits Disability 12M Canadians covered $ 7.8B in benefits Accident & other 20M Canadians covered $ 1.4B in benefits Insurers protect nearly 70 per cent of Canadians against the costs of extended health care Benefits by coverage type $ 36.1B 2018 health benefits

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