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You Told Us What You Want To Know About Life Insurance This booklet brings together the answers to many typical questions Canadians ask about life insurance. This guide will help you to: • estimate how much life insurance you need; • understand the different types of policies and options; • understand what happens when you apply, and when there's a claim; and • develop information and questions to discuss with your agent. This booklet is not intended to be a substitute for seeking out a qualified agent. Rather, it is designed as a handy reference you will want to keep with your insurance policies. We suggest you start with the Table of Contents and look for the topics in which you're most interested. Along with other consumer booklets on related topics, this booklet is produced by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association. We do not promote any one life insurance company or any particular type of life insurance policy or plan. We leave that choice to you, the consumer. Our objective is to provide the background and insights that will help you to make successfully one of your most important financial planning decisions: purchasing life insurance. CAUTION: This booklet is intended to present a wide variety of general information on life insurance as simply and as accurately as possible. But it is not a legal document; overtime, court rulings and legislation may change some of the rules and conditions stated here. If you have specific questions, check your policy and contact your insurance agent or company.

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